Rory Lawrence was born and raised in Mulberry, FL. While attending Mulberry High School, he was "bit by the acting bug" after taking a drama class during his junior and senior years. Since his teenage years, Rory Lawrence has held a strong passion for acting as he attended numerous plays and independent movies with the aspiration of one day being in the limelight. However, Rory Lawrence never thought he could truly pursue his dream on a professional level...until now.

After moving to Tampa, FL, Rory Lawrence decided to fully re-commit himself by joining an acting school led by his coach, Corinne Broskette. It was there that he was introduced to Stanislavski's Method Acting and gleaned from his coach's experience as a protégé of Lee Strasberg. Using Method Acting, Rory Lawrence learned how to draw on his own emotions, memories, and experiences to perfect his portrayals of characters. . Additionally, Rory Lawrence has received training under renown actress, Tasha Smith, whose most recent work has been showcased in films such as ATL, Daddy's Little Girls, and Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married. Rory Lawrence's training has led him to expand his skills in various acting techniques, for he believes in the value that each style provides.

To date, Rory Lawrence has performed in several dramatic and comedic theater plays and independent films.